2020 Full Hospitality Sales Report

2020 Full Hospitality Sales Report

2020 saw revenue decline of 51.38% overall, characterised mainly by a 98.3% decline in Q2 driven by lockdown 1. In the first two months of the year, prior to the effects of the pandemic, revenue growth was 6.6%. As pubs and restaurants opened up on the 4th July, consumers were hesitant leading to low demand levels and revenue was down 50.9%. Overall London was more affected, at a revenue decline of 56.0%, whilst Non-London performed better, at a decline of 50.2%.

The past year has been a tough one for everyone, and we just want to say thank you to you all.

S4labour has supported it’s customers with repeated 50% discounts throughout the pandemic.

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A heavy decline in sales, and a 50% discount for S4labour customers for January.

Following a heavy decline in sales, S4labour writes to all customers promising 50% discount in wake of new low point for the industry. 

Analysis from S4labour shows that total hospitality industry sales were down 73.7% on last year for December. Food was down 63.7%, Drink was down 81.7% and Accommodation was down 71.4%. Given that December is usually hospitality’s busiest month, this is a hard blow for the industry.

To exacerbate the problem, New Year’s Eve sales were down by 97.8%, as all pubs and restaurants moved into Tier 3 or above prior to the 31st. The few takeaway sales that were left do not compensate for eating in sales.

In a communication issued today, S4labour has reassured all customers that they are “prepared to stand with them” shouldering some of the financial burden as new restrictions hit. All customers have been given a 50% discount on January’s invoices.

S4labour has offered the same discount to all customers during previous lockdowns and has always made available to those whose tiers had made it impossible to trade. However, as the vast majority of operators will have moved into tier 4, very few will be trading and almost none profitably.    

Sam Wignell, S4labour’s Chief Customer Officer commented: “As we enter the New Year, this is a dire time for our industry and it is the responsible thing to share some of the pain and to help our customers get to the other side of this crisis.”