People Insights That Drive Better Actions

People Insights That Drive Better Actions

There is a minimum requirement when it comes to H.R.: you must have proof of right to work; written contracts; work time directive awareness; constant compliance etc.. However, mistakes happen, things get lost, and valuable time is therefore wasted — especially when recruitment, sales or deliveries are your focus. After all, supporting employee retention and growth is only growing in importance. Getting your people processes right is a golden opportunity that can drive a real impact on the bottom line — meaning employee insights become pivotal. 

Knowing behaviours of managers and teams drives insightful actions; and understanding why they occur brings the following questions: 

  • Are you aware of breaching working time directives?
  • Which sites have more sickness?
  • Are certain employees always late?
  • Are some sites improving or worsening their absentee rates?
  • Do you have a consistent trend of high employee turnover?
  • When are your new starters finishing probation?
  • Are you exposed to fines for missing key employee information?

The list continues. People management issues aren’t only about team members, it’s about managers too. No people manager should be expected to keep track of H.R. related issues via pen and paper; it can limit success and drain valuable time. Every working time directive breach could result in a fine — the stakes are high, especially when it comes to young workers. In a situation where employee turnover is much higher in one site compared to another, it can’t be ignored. Is it management, culture, or failed probations? Insights are required to investigate. 

Still, with the investigation, the focus must remain on positively influencing the bottom line of business financials, whilst simultaneously managing teams effectively. High staff turnover has a huge cost on businesses, not just in the cost to replace and retrain, but the lost skills and opportunity cost.  

Insightful data drives informed actions. For example, how can you be prepared for audits if there is no record of working time directive breaches? Using data to track behavioural trends for employees and sites is becoming an increasingly reliable tool to identify potential areas of problems. 

Those who are doing well on this are using the insights that their data brings, tracking trends and taking faster actions to prevent costly issues. Understanding sickness trends, absenteeism, WTD breaches, lateness and more are all indicators of where you need to focus your energy. In essence, knowing which sites or managers require further support or investigation.

 If you would like to know more about data giving you the right insights to reduce your staff turnover, please book a demo below: 

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System Update 17.12.21

System Update 17.12.21

Following several weeks of investigation and updates with S4labour, we have have summased the fixes that have been put in place inorder to support system stability and performance.

The Login Procedure

On Monday morning, the system was being hit with 600 – 1000 login attempts per second, over 100 times more than any typical day of the week. This led to hundreds of thousands of calls to the server every minute, resulting in slower system performance and on occasions causing the system to crash.

We are still investigating the cause for this volume of login, given the recent announcements from other SaaS businesses in recent month, it is likely to be a bot attempting to breach our security procedures. The good news is that, while the system has suffered performance and speed issues, all of the security procedures did their job and kept S4labour secure.

However, we have and are continuing to implement a number of significant architectural changes to both improve the security of S4labour and ensure that system performance is not impacted in the future.

Server Duplication

As well as increasing the server capacity by 50% for the main system, we have added an additional server, dedicated to the login process. This will mean that any impact that login demand may have on S4labour, will not impact on anyone who has already logged in. This will also mean that, if demand remains high, and the login server needs resetting, users already logged in will be unaffected.  


The introduction of the CAPTCHA on Thursday the 16th of December will significantly reduce the impact a bot could have of draining server capacity going forward.

Login Control Procedures

The login process is controlled to allow up to 30 logins per second. This combined with the CAPTCHA will mean that the login server cannot reach maximum capacity, but there is a possibility of a 3 second delay between logging in and being let into the system at peak demand times. We will be monitoring server load closely and should the system near CPU capacity, we will update this control appropriately. This may slightly increase the time it takes to get into the system by a few more seconds. However, we now have the ability to do this very quickly and with no disruption to anyone already logged into the system.

Propel Multi Club – Female Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Powerful and Inspiring Speakers after an Era of Uncertainty

Propel Multi Club – Female Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Powerful and Inspiring Speakers after an Era of Uncertainty

This was a brilliant event with truly inspirational and honest speakers. There really are some amazing women leading the way in the hospitality industry. These women have had very successful and “purposeful” lives—a word that came up a lot—but they were also unafraid to be honest about the challenges of the work-life balance with having small children. Not to mention issues of failures and confidence that they have overcome. 

This was really the very opposite of a dull conference. We heard the colourful experiences of the formidable Dorothy Purdew (the woman behind the Champneys brand) which included: being rejected for a job at weight watchers; starting her own slimming business to compete; swindling employees; and ugly million pound paintings. Anna Garood (former music producer who grew PoNaNa into an international brand, and now of The Coconut Tree) spoke of her personal jet trips to Ibiza with Liam Gallagher—who was unexpectedly good at scrabble. Well, on the flight out anyway! For pure drive, and a role model to us all, you have to give it to Sarah Willingham: founder of Nightcap and formerly a dragon on Dragon’s Den. Sarah worked her way up from nothing but was always inquisitive and bold; she understands her strengths and really knows how to scale a business.

Covid has been a very challenging time for hospitality, that we all know, but it was great to hear some of the positive stories arising out of Covid. From new businesses and business ideas, to changed perspectives with the drive to carry on making things happen quickly, these stories of success did prove to be inspiring.  

Judy Joo (executive chef, restaurateur, TV chef and founder of Seoul Bird) had a great quote that resonates with us at S4labour. When asked what the best advice you could give to someone running a restaurant, Judy stated: “Efficiency of operations will make or break a business”.