Employee Profile vs. User Profile

A User Profile grants access to the management and funtionality side of the s4labour system.

A persons user level will determine what they can see and do. A user profile will typically have a Username assigned to it, rather than an email address.

An Employee login is created when an employee is added to S4labour. This allows staff to view their rota, their own details, and submit requests for holiday or detail changes. An employee profile will typically login with an email address.

User login’s are created and managed by a level 5 user.

Users can be linked to an employee to prevent logging out and in to switch profiles.You are able to log in as a user and switch between your employee and user profile, but you are not able to log in using your employee profile and switch to your User Profile. 

While the accounts are linked they are still distinct.

Final Week of August Sees Like-for-Likes Rise by 5%

Final Week of August Sees Like-for-Likes Rise by 5%

Following a recent decline in like-for-likes, August’s concluding week saw sales increase by 5% when compared to the same week in 2019. 

This 5% increase was mainly a result of food like-for-likes rising by 12% — a similar trend in regards to recent like-for-likes. Drink like-for-likes, on the other hand, dropped by 1% in comparison to the same week in 2019. 

Week-on-week sales were up by 6.5%, with London’s sales increasing by 4% based on the previous week — a rise that has been a rarity in recent weeks. As for non-London, week-on-weeks were up 7%.

S4labour’s Chief Innovation Officer, Richard Hartley, commented: “the final week of August caps off a month that’s appeared to be mostly quite difficult for London’s week-on-weeks. This last week, however, spells some positivity for the Capital. The longer weekend may have resulted in London sites experiencing higher sales compared to usual.”