CJRS bonus scheme tracker

As you may be aware, as part of the government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’, businesses can claim a bonus payment equivalent to £1,000 for every employee who has previously been furloughed and are still employed at the end of January 2021. Depending on the size of the business and the number of employees that were furloughed, this could result in a bonus payment from the government of many thousands of pounds.  

The government is yet to release the final details on how the bonus payments will work and we will be publishing more advice on the scheme in the near future, however, S4labour Chief Product Officer, Richard Hartley explains what we know so far in the short video below. 

Anticipating Your Needs

S4labour are currently preparing the release of the C.J.R.S. £1,000 Bonus Tracker. The tracker will enable you to track the earnings of all of your employees who could be eligible for the £1,000 bonus payment. By tracking each one using the S4labour C.J.R.S. £1,000 Bonus Tracker you will ensure you are able to claim the maximum bonus possible. 

Please speak to your account manager to activate the tracker.

The tracker makes it really easy to visualise what hours to schedule each employee to qualify them for the £1,000 bonus.
  • Track monthly earnings for each employee and their variance from the qualifying requirement.
  • Track total earnings of each employee during Nov, Dec, and Jan and the variance from the qualifying requirement.
  • Use each employees run rate to visualise their eligibility.
The tracker uses an easy to visualise TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM to identify when and where action needs to be taken.

Email us to activate the Bonus Scheme Tracker