Payroll, Rotas & People

for Convenience Stores


The end-to-end system for independent retailers keeping their payroll, planning and people all in one place

One System. One Process. One Place.

Ensuring that: payroll is accurate; holiday & pension management is compliant; and rotas are correct is time consuming and difficult. Getting any of this wrong can be damaging for any business, since team members are a store’s most important asset.

S4labour offers retailers an end-to-end payroll, rota and H.R. solution. For more than 5 years, S4labour have been processing payroll for their customers⁠ ⁠—proving its reliability and compliance through automated technology. Together with payroll, S4labour provides retailers with digital rotas tailored to their store and staff.
The finalised rota for a trading week, with staff members’ actual hours worked, populates and generates payroll — automatically handling pensions, statutory sick pay, holiday pay and more.
On top of this, S4labour’s H.R. solution allows retailers to track holiday accrual, store employee records and upload right to work documents.

S4labour allows retailers to focus on important areas of their business, and less time and stress making sure their payroll is correct.

Association of Convenience Stores Technology Showcase 2022

S4labour are delighted to win the Association of Convenience Stores Technology Showcase 2022.
You can view our selected video here:

What S4labour Can Do for You and Your Business:


Payroll is automated, accurate and always done without fuss — saving you time and hassle.


Rota your team in seconds, giving everyone complete visibility of when they are working.


Clock In & Out

Staff tap in and out when they start and end their shifts, so you know the exact hours worked.

The App

Your team can view their scheduled shifts once you complete your rota.



Shift Swapping

Managers approve shift changes to always be prepared and maintain great customer service.


All your employees’ data and information is stored in a GDPR compliant digital filing cabinet.

Labour Budgets

Analyse your labour budgets to spot opportunities to avoid future overspending.

Pensions & Deductions

Pensions and taxes are automatically deducted and processed compliantly.

Software Adapted To Your Business
Base plan graphic

Base Plan


per employee, per week

Payroll, Rotas & The App

Fully managed and automated payroll
Automatically handling holiday pay, pensions, HMRC deductions, sickness pay and more so you don’t have to

Digital rotas
Have your rotas online and easily accessible

 The S4labour App
Rotas, holiday requesting and onbaording all on the S4labour App

Template rotas
Use and create saved rota templates to speed up rota creation. 

Onboarding support
Fill in basic new starter information and empower employees to onboard themselves

 GDPR compliant record storage Let S4labour store all your employee documents in our secure digital filing cabinet

Core plan graphic

Core Plan minus Payroll


per employee, per week

+ Time & Attendance, Holiday Management and Shift Swapping

Employees clock in and out on the S4labour App
With geo-location functionality

Holiday accrual automatically calculated and HMRC compliant
Intuitive and reliable holiday entitlement calculations

Retailers can post vacant shifts for their employees to grab
Easy and simple to manage your shifts with a flexible workforce

Employees can swap shifts between each other (pending manager approval)
Allow employees to swap shifts if they need to

 Employees can post availability Including when they are available to work and have free time

Fully costed rota
With holiday accrual and NI deductions included in the cost of running your business

Right to work guidance and storage
With acceptable document checklists based on employee nationality

Electronic contracts with e-signature capability
Works compliantly and intelligently for any new starter

Area Manager Dashboard
With KPIs and a financial breakdown for multi-site retailers

Advanced plan graphic

Core Plan


per employee, per week

The full end-to-end package

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Proud to Work with Incredible Independent Retailers:

Guy Warner – Director, Warner's Retail

We’ve made made many advances in our business over recent years, and S4labour moves our rota and payroll into the digital age to continue that growth.

Kash Khera – Director, SimplyFresh

The system was easy to implement and brought all my business operations such as payroll, rotas, HR and holiday management into one place. As a multi-site business, being able to make temporary transfers, manage contracts and have multiple pay-rates is essential ⁠— S4labour has made all of this possible whilst maintaining compliance.

Steve Neale – Director, Warner's Retail

We currently have many rota sheets, but with S4labour we have one accurate version of the rota and it will take our managers much less time to produce.

Sally Read – Store Manager, SPAR Bodicote

S4labour has saved me valuable time and stress in how I pay my team and run my business. The end-to-end solutions are effective and I know my payroll is done right.