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S4labour & COVID-19 – what we have done:

These are unprecedented times that we are living in, trying to keep our loved ones healthy and fighting to keep our businesses alive.

Following the announcement of the closure of all Pubs, Bars and Restaurants we wanted to offer our assistance as best we can.

After closing our own three Inns we fully appreciate and understand that finances have been tight for yourselves during this time. The financial support from the government was a game changer for a lot of businesses, and we have been doing our bit to support you.

What we did in March:

  • – Implemented an automatic 50% reduction in all system fees for S4labour during lockdown, with the exception of payroll services. This discount was automatically applied on invoices for your period of closure on the basis that your account was up to date and paid in full.
  • – Developed a new “furloughed” pay type to enable you to track costs, but more importantly supply you with all the data required to process payroll and retain your team – all the work is done for you.
  • – Developed a new “furloughed” cost report that clearly showed the direct cost to your business and also costs supported by the government so you could better plan.

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