Get to Grips

With Your Daily

Labour Spend

Meet Jeff. 


 Jeff is a typical S4labour user.


Jeff has a firm grip of that pint glass.


In fact, Jeff has got to grips with every aspect of his business.


Including his daily and weekly labour spend.


View S4labour’s ‘a pint with’ series to meet others like Jeff.



Why get to grips with your daily labour spend?

There are aspects of running a pub that, unless you are able to get a firm grip, will slip out of control, costing too much time and money.

Talented people are a key part of success, but they are also the highest variable cost. With an S4labour digital rota, pubs are able to monitor weekly, daily, and hourly service demand from till data and plan people on the rota to match service patterns, maximising sales, controlling costs and providing the best customer service.

S4labour helps you get to grips with…

Digital Rotas

Write and communicate rotas in minutes, saving time and improving accuracy


Plan your rota, hour by hour to meet and grow sales based on tills sales


A rota that shows you how much you are spending before you have spent it, as well as how to save it

Operators currently spend time and investment controlling food, drink margin and wastage. Spending a few minutes monitoring your team’s hours versus revenue and planning accordingly is a much bigger prize. S4labour makes this quick and easy, so you are able to plan your rota to meet demand, without overspending.

Visualise where you have too many people, too few people and the right amount of people to perfectly meet sales demand, without overspending.

The Campaign

S4labour are on a mission – a mission to help independent operators in the UK get to grips with their daily labour spend. 

With current recruitment challenges, monitoring and controlling labour costs to provide the right service to maximise sales is critical, especially as labour is the highest variable cost. Generally, independent operators also have the highest cost burden in relation to revenue, with no dynamic labour tool in place.

We are going pub-to-pub to spread the word about how important this is and showing operators just how simple the solution can be.

Spearheading this campaign is James Rowe, who has over 25 years of experience in senior marketing, recruitment, training and operation roles within the hospitality sector. James has a real passion and understanding of the market, especially understanding how tech can benefit hospitality businesses.

A Pint With S4labour 🍻

Created by operators, for operators – S4labour empower hospitality to deliver improved service and sales via simple labour management tools.

S4labour are campaigning to independent businesses to get to grips with their daily labour spend.

As S4labour travel the country helping publicans with labour costs, new fortnightly 2-3 min video chats capture ‘views from the floor’.

This week Michael Pearson, of The Wych Elm, Kingston, has a pint with S4labour, chatting about his business and some of his hospitality challenges.

You can view the latest in the video series here:

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