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For Hospitality


Simple, powerful, and effective tools to save you time and money — designed by operators for operators in the hospitality trade.

Digital screens

Automated Payroll For Hospitality

Accurate payroll with flexible staff is difficult, time consuming and can be expensive.

With qualified teams and integrated technologies pulling your employees’ information and rota together, S4labour creates seamlessly accurate payroll with exceptional customer service.


Payroll is automated, accurate and always done without fuss — saving you time and hassle.


Rota your team in seconds, giving everyone complete visibility of when they are working.


Clock In & Out

Staff tap in and out when they start and end their shifts, so you know the exact hours worked.

The App

Your team can view their scheduled shifts once you complete your rota.


Shift Swapping

Team numbers can be maintained and have more flexibility regarding when they work.


All your employees’ data and information is stored in a GDPR compliant digital filing cabinet.

Labour Budgets

Set weekly labour budgets against your sales forecast, so you never overspend again.

Pensions & Deductions

Pensions and taxes are automatically deducted and processed compliantly.

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