Weekly hospitality sales down 9% on last year but remain 10.4% on pre EOTHO levels.
Analysis from S4labour shows that in the first full week without any government support, hospitality like for like sales were down 9.0% on the same week last year, albeit 10.4% up on the last week of July.
Despite the overall slip in like for likes, food sales continue to be in growth, up 4%. This is in contrast to the 17.5% decline in drink sales comparing last week with the same week in 2019.
Chief Product Officer, Richard Hartley stated that the figures indicate that EOTHO has successfully generated some residual effect in driving out of home eating habits. With the U.K. in recession and the withdrawal of EOTHO, it is unsurprising to see some tailing off of sales. However, with operators standing on their own two feet, it is highly encouraging to see that food sales are still in growth.

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