Following the lifting of restrictions, S4labour (the people, productivity and payroll software provider for hospitality) analysed last week’s hospitality sales figures. Comparing the same week in 2019, they found evidence of an overall drop in sales of 4.9% with food sales down 3.3% and drink sales lagging by 12.6%.
In London, total sales were down by 18.6%, with drink sales down 23.4% and a drop in food sales by 10.2%.
Non-London sales figures showed a decrease in drink sales by 9.6%, but an increase in food sales by 5.4%.
However, week on week sales saw an increase in overall sales by 6.9%.
Commenting on the analysis, S4labour’s Chief Innovation Officer Richard Hartley, stated “Given the current conditions of people having to self-isolate within short notice, we have seen a noticeable number of sites not being able to operate a full trading week. It’s also worth noting the effect this is having on the customers’ ability to show up for bookings as hundreds of thousands are in self-isolation. This clearly is hampering the industry’s ability to successfully trade”.


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