S4labour are proud to work with Apicbase who enable Hospitality customers to have easy access to a world-leading F&B management platform.

Apicbase is the #1 back-of-house management software for food businesses. It is an easy-to-use platform for food cost control that integrates seamlessly with ePOS systems. It supports single and multi-unit restaurants, hotels and catering operations, and manages all kitchen data – from recipes to procurement.

The back-of-house of a professional food business is notoriously hard to manage. The reason is that everything happens at the same time and it never stops. It’s a continuous loop of recipe development, menu engineering, inventory control and procurement.

  • Apicbase monitors all BoH processes to help keep costs down and quality up while reducing the workload of staff.
  • Apicbase eliminates spreadsheets and provides kitchen staff with an easy-to-use interface to enter recipes, ingredients and stock data.
  • Management and owners can monitor operations in a clean-cut dashboard that shows the food costs, orders, inventory status (down to the raw ingredients), sales data and more.


The single source of truth for your company’s food management.


Reduce manual actions. Automate workflows. Avoid errors. Save time.


Track metrics group-wide. Compare unit performance. Spot irregularities.


Get clear data. Oversee your entire operation. Focus on areas of improvement.