Hastee Pay

Access a portion of your earned pay, on-demand.

Supercharge your financial wellbeing by taking ownership of your earnings and access a portion of your pay as soon as you’ve earned it. Hastee is the pioneering earnings on-demand employee benefit that gives you full autonomy over your finances. 

Whether it’s for that unexpected bill before payday, those just released gig tickets or simply to avoid high-cost credit and overdraft fees, S4labour is proud to partner with Hastee to give you the freedom to choose when you get paid.  

Hastee also partners with financial education market leader Nudge to provide you with personalised and curated content to help boost your relationship with your money.  

Life doesn’t wait for payday, so why should you

How Hastee works for you.

Watch this video to find out.

For more details on the benefits, features and fees of Hastee head to: www.hastee.com or email support@hastee.com

To get started, download the Hastee App from the iOS or Android app store.