Tenzo is an analytics and sales forecasting platform for restaurants, bars and cafes. It integrates with your POS system, labour planner, and inventory management platform to bring all your restaurant data together in one app and send actionable insights to the right person at the right time on a desktop or mobile. 

Tenzo’s reporting helps you drive up revenues while reducing costs and makes running a restaurant business more zen.

Extended description

Tenzo integrates with your POS, labour and inventory systems, allowing users to view all of their data in one place: a beautifully designed analytics platform. Your data is updated in real-time so decisions can be made on the fly. You have access to lightning-fast reporting and clear, actionable insights are laid out before you. 

Tenzo’s easy-to-understand interface gives you access to metrics that analyse sales, labour, employee performance and inventory in just one click. This allows you to eliminate the time you spend on tedious report pulling, excel-sheet wrangling, graph fiddling, and file attaching.

Not only can Tenzo aggregate all your data for analysis, but it also uses machine learning to more accurately forecast your future sales, taking into account variables such as weather, holidays and custom events. More accurate forecasting allows you to optimize your labour schedule and order exactly the inventory you need, eliminating overstaffing, understaffing, and food waste.

Take control of your reviews with our social module which allows you to quickly respond to feedback coming from Google Places, Facebook and other platforms. Never get caught out and make changes as soon as problems arise thanks to reviews notifications pushed straight to your mobile.


Four key points:


Tenzo aggregates data across multiple data sources: inventory, labour, point of sale and reviews platforms.


It gives you this information in automated email reports and a beautifully designed analytics platform.


Tenzo delivers insights in real-time to the right person to action those insights.


Tenzo uses machine learning and data science to forecast sales as accurately as possible, taking into account weather, events, and many other data sources.

Tenzo gives us instant access to relevant information, allowing our teams and GMs to thrive

George Whittaker

Finance Director, The Breakfast Club

Tenzo allows you to turn mountains of data into cold hard facts allowing you to make the right calls for your business.

Paul Loebenberg

Head of Operations, Ping Pong Dim Sum

Tenzo enables our managers to be decision-makers, not data capture experts. Put simply, Tenzo gives time back…

Gavin Smith

Managing Director, Pizza Pilgrims