Moving to S4labour

Get Moving To S4labour

It’s easier than you think

Getting people moved as smoothly and efficiently as possible has become a priority for us, and we have had plenty of practice over the last 12 months.

The Migration Team are experts in migrating organisations, small and large from Fourth, Access and other labour management systems into S4labour, minimizing business interruption and setting you up for success.

As a result, the process is far less time consuming or disruptive than you would think, and our team will get you up and running in no time.

Here are just a few of the fantastic operators who migrated to S4labour in the last 12 months

A People System – That Works For Your People

Easy to Use

Simple on the outside – powerful under the surface.

S4labour has been developed to be highly intuitive and easy to use. With all the important detail in one interactive screen, it is quick and easy to forecast, budget and plan your labour. In fact S4labour users are able to do all their labour planning, T&A and Head Office reporting in under 13 minutes a week.


We will integrate with anyone you want

We do labour management well and we let you smoothly integrate with the very best with everything else.

We have established integrations and partnerships with dozens of the best technology partners in hospitality, so you can have the best of everything, all feeding the S4labour system.

We are are always connecting with other suppliers, and are not confined to working only with products we make. If there is someone you would like use to integrate with, we will be happy to make it happen.

Owned By Operators & Passionate About U.K. Hospitality.

Our business is run just like yours, with customer experience at the heart of everything.

We only work in U.K hospitality and our customers know that they are our only focus.

As operators ourselves, we understand your pains. S4labour was built by a team of people who have decades of operational experience running the U.K.s best loved brands. We still operate three sites, where we test everything and we have a tradition for recruiting from the hospitality sector; this way, our teams have an empathy and understanding of customers.


Since it’s launch in 2009, S4labour has been the innovator in hospitality labour management. We are constantly improving the core product and have launched a range of intuitive tools to help operators save money, grow sales and do what you do faster and better.

Our customers are a key driving force behind our development and we are on a continuous journey to listen, develop and build on what we do, based of what the industry needs. 

In Good Company

National Brands

In Good Company

Renowned Multi Site Operators

In Good Company

Award Winning Single Sites

How Does Migration Work?


Lets get to know each other

Working with S4labour is a partnership, so before we can get you moved over, we are going to need to spend a little bit of time together.

Every business is different, so its really important to for us to understand your business, how you operate, your goals and what you need in order to grow.

You can book a slot with one of our experts, who will get to know you and what you are looking to achieve as well as show you the system.


Bring in the removal team

The more data we are able to get from you, the quicker we can set you up and the more powerful the system will work for you.

The S4labour migration team (yes, we do it that much we have a dedicated team), will make this painless for you. We will tell you what data you need to ask for from your existing provider and use it to build your S4labour system.


Go – Go – Go

We start by training your key system stakeholders as experts in using S4labour. We then arrange training for your teams. This varies from business to business, but we will ensure your whole team is engaged and ready to go live, knowing we will be on hand for support whenever you need us.

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