In a nutshell, S4labour is a rota system that links with your tills to predict future revenue and deploy your staff accordingly. 

Rotas link seamlessly with your payroll removing pain and lots of admin time.

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Who We Work With

“We knew we needed a system to ensure our staffing was at an optimum level for service and profitability.
S4labour have helped us with this. I can’t recommend
them enough.”

The Winchmore Arms

Mark Walsh

“Honestly I have been so happy with the S4 system. I am not very tech savvy but it is very straightforward for doing rotas and payroll.  It saves me time which means I can focus on other parts of the business to generate an income.  My month end has never been easier.”

The Lion Of Beaconsfield

Lauretha Lucas

“S4labour is seamless, so we have more time to focus
on running our business.”

The Arnos Arms

Dan Fox

“Led by legendary restaurateur, Brian Hannon, Super 8 are the holding company for multi-award-winning restaurants including Kiln (Best Restaurant in the UK 2018), Brat (Second Best Restaurant in the UK 2019) and Smoking Goat.”

Smoking Goat

Brian Hannon

Just some of the 2000+ operators that are already seeing the benefits that S4labour has made to their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which package is right for me?

There is a Base, Core and Advanced offer.  You can also add on extra functionality if you want.  The Core package has all the payroll, staff rota and compliance aspects involved in employing people these days.

How quickly will I be up and running?

Within 2 weeks providing we have your payroll data.

Where can I access the system?

Anywhere. S4labour is web based so you can access it on a desktop (PC or Mac) iPad, tablet, phone. So, you can even check what’s happening in your business from the beach on your summer holidays!

How do I set up my team?

We use a set up wizard (not a real one) so when you enter their email address it sends them a notification to enter the rest of their details. 

How will my Team be able to see the rota?

As part of your team setup they will be asked to download our employee app. This app is also where they access the rota.

Will I get training on S4labour?

Of course! You will get a short training session online however the system is designed for simplicity so will also guide you through what you need to do.


How much is it?

It starts from just £1 per employee per week, which includes payroll and the rotering system.


Are there any more charges over and above the quoted price per employee?

The price per employee is a per payslip price on a 4-weekly basis.  If you want additional services or there are other adjustments to make there is a clear schedule of these charges for you, so you are fully informed.


What support will I receive if I need help on the system?

We have an online ticket system that our team support, along with an online help portal.

What do I have to do to change payroll provider?

Easy! Contact your accountant and ask them for your FPS report. You then send this to our payroll team who will do the rest.

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More About S4labour

Created by operators for operators

Designed by people with a wealth of frontline hospitality experience, S4labour has created the most innovative labour management tools that work in the real world. S4labour exists to empower the hospitality sector to deliver a better level of service, drive sales and help managers run exceptional sites.