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Manage People with Ease 

H.R. that gives you complete compliance confidence, saves you time and turns your people data into powerful and actionable insight.

See more, act faster, and drive better outcomes for your people.

360° Visibility

People are at the heart of what you do, so making them more visible is key.

H.R. from S4labour provides complete organisational visibility of your trends and areas of weakness and strengths, as well as identifying individual exceptions to your compliance that need addressing.

Be People Focused


Reduce staff turnover by improving employee engagement. Celebrate key employee milestones such as birthdays, work anniversaries and passing probations. Support and drive a positive employee experience and culture with engaging feedback from your team.

Save Time


Time consuming tasks, such as contract creation, signing and storage can be completed in seconds. Tedious employee files are automated and driven by employees themselves. Your people information and data is always at the tips of your fingers. 

Be Compliant Confident


With your employees’ data safely stored in a GDPR compliant digital filing cabinet, you can have peace of mind that your records are correct and free from trouble. Always be on top of any breaches of working time directives, missing right to work documents and other legislative requirements.

Organisation Insight


Condensing your data so you can easily track trends in absences and lateness to develop workforce planning strategies across your business. Managing performance, company culture and driving sales through staff retention and engagement — all from data led insights. 

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H.R. Built into S4labour as Standard


Go paperless with S4labour’s digital filing cabinet! Complete and sign employee contracts, appraisals, exit interviews, and more — all from the convenience of your laptop or phone. The digital filing cabinet also allows for documents such as sick notes and P45s to be saved against an employee’s profile, making it quick and easy to access and review.

Save Time

Whether you’re reinstating a previous employee; need customisable occupational sick pay; or a centralised new starter authorisation to speed up the scheduling of new starters, H.R. from S4labour has a host of functionality that will save you time.


Centralised View of Your People

Insightful dashboards allow you to review and approve employee changes to personal details and holiday requests all in one place. Employees can easily access and change personal details, request holidays and review documents linked to their employee accounts.

Get Compliant

Compliant onboarding of people is built in as standard. S4labour guides you through right to work checks, GDPR compliant cloud storage of critical documentation, contract creation and more.

Enhanced Insights and Smart Functionality with H.R.insights


Stay Compliant

Gain a complete line of sight of your critical compliance obligations with visibility of working time directive breaches, VISA expiries, employee exemptions, missing documents and more. 


Be people-focused and support your employees in reaching key milestones, including probations, birthdays and work anniversaries. Allow the team to feedback the loves and loathes about their work.

Absence & Leavers

Gain insight in your key trends to spot weak areas of the business before they cause costly issues. Be informed and track trends of who is coming and going to aid in workforce planning, including advanced leavers reports, organisational sickness, and absence and lateness summaries. 


Easy access to employee information and breaking down barriers to shift attendance, with quick searches of employee information as well as streamlined people management tools. Find the information you need about your people fast.

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Through marrying rotas to sales forecasts and historic trends, S4’s deployment gives you effective, rotaing tools that wont compromise your sales growth whilst controling the costs of you labour.


Shift4grabs from S4labour is the latest development that allows employees to swap shifts, to post additional availability, and allows managers to approve swaps and to post empty shifts for employees to grab. The multi-site function also allows managers to send the swap out to others from their organisation. Manage your shifts more effectively. Reduce your admin. Keep your employees happy.


Payroll content and all about payroll.
Through marrying rotas to sales forecasts and historic trends, S4’s deployment gives you effective, rotaing tools that wont
 compromise your sales growth whilst controling the costs of you labour.

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The shift leadership tool from S4labour called that enables operators to develop better communication and guest experience through perfect shift planning and execution across their businesses