Rotas & Deployment

Effective deployment is more than writing a rota. S4labour helps some of the best hospitality operators create intelligent rotas that both maximise sales opportunities and keep labour cost under control. Deployment from S4labour brings you the power of knowing how many people to rota and at what times.

Deployment that grows sales & lowers costs

By matching up your sales pattern with your labour, S4labour is able to guide you on how many people you need and when. This means that you never need to miss a sale because you have too few people, customers needs are met and you don’t have a stressed shift because you have too few people working. You also avoid over spending on unnecessary labour.

Savings Calculator

Using the tools available in S4labour will not only save you money, but they are also designed to grow your sales and save you time.

The Best Labour Tools in Hospitality



The system brings together your budget and sales forecasts to help you ensure you have the right members of your team deployed in order to deliver sales targets and control labour costs to within your budget. 


Accurate sales forecasting leads to better labour management. S4labour provides all of the tools needed to make the best managerial predictions, including local weather forecasts, historic sales data, and sales trends.


DS4deployment allows you to set a labour budget appropriate for delivering the sales you have forecast. You are able to carefully control your labour percentage spend without compromising on customer service.

Account Management

To make sure you are getting the very best out of S4labour, there is a great team of dedicated account managers. No matter the size of the business, someone with granular knowledge of the system is on hand to support your team.

Real Time

The intuitive Labour Demand Graph responds in real time to amendments to your sales forecast, and rota, displaying the likely effectiveness of the rota. Variances in labour spend versus a budgeted labour % are also displayed dynamically as the week progresses.

Data Analytics

There is a  large suite of intuitive, exportable reports designed to give site managers and head office staff improved insight into their labour management and spend. Reports exist to compare performance across different sites within one organisation .


Training & Support

We’re committed to helping your business get the most out of S4labour. As such, training is included in every set-up for all new customers, as well as a series of follow up calls to make sure you and your teams are getting the best out of the system. We also offer a support desk service, with our dedicated support staff available seven days a week.

An Integrated Solution is a Better Solution.

By integrating with your EPoS and other IT systems, S4labour is able to more accurately and efficiently show you your sales pattern, forecast for the future and better deploy your team.

We understand the numerous systems that contribute to running a successful hospitality business. We can partner with your Epos as well as the leading ATS’s, Big Data, PMS and pension providers.

We also integrate with companies that enable you to offer staff benefits such as instant pay service Hastee pay.

“We love S4labour. It makes a huge difference to our business.”

Rob Brewer, St. Austell Brewery, BII Licensee of the Year 2016

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