The App

The app is the single hub for the whole employee journey. They can view their rota, edit their personal details and request holidays using their smart devices. Allowing teams to engage with their work from their phones gives the employees more efficient communication and smoother interations with managers, saving everyone lots of time.

Employee engagement and management time savings

The app is the central action centre for your employees. Start up documents, right to work, holiday requests, rotas, personal detail changes, are all driven from the app. So managers only need to respond to digital requests at a time that works for them, rather than ad hoc or during a busy shift.

The Best Labour Tools in Hospitality



Accurate, secure and convince Time and Attendance can be run through the app, ensuring that your teams work the shifts they are meant to and payroll can be accurately calculated. S4labour T&A takes seconds to run at the end of the day or week thanks to the App.

Shift Management

The app shows managers who is on site at any one time as well as (fortunately for those who don’t remember faces all that well) an image of them.


H.R. can be conducted in a timely manner through the employees app. Using a smart phone camera, employees upload important documents and Right To Work checks straight into S4labour.

Shift Leadership

Communicate vital information to teams through the shift leadership tools such as allocated areas, specific jobs, sales targets, birthdays and more. Track the effectiveness of managers to help the continued improvement of your shift leadership.


Keep teams up to date with their shifts by giving them access to it on their mobile device.


The app contains lots of useful insights for managers on the labour planning that has been done plus data on their sales, forecasts and budgeting.

Meet The App

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