Shift Success

Shift Success takes the traditional “buzz brief” and enhances it to take productivity to new levels.

We know that deploying your team isn’t just about when you need them, it’s also where you need them and what you need them doing. Great guest experience, upsell, improved team engagement and increased revenue all come from planning and executing the perfect shift.

Shift Leadership Briefings & Communication

See a real return on investment with Shift Success

By effectively communicating and incentivising team performance, there are instant and significant sales growth opportunities.

Shift Leadership Tools



Drawing shift information directly from the S4labour rota page, shift success allows you to not only assign sections to your employees, but also job roles and specific tasks for them to complete during the slack time in the shift.

Shift Briefing

The briefing section lets you communicate personalised messages, specials, incentives and other information directly to your business departments through the app.

Shift Review

At the end of the shift, team members are asked for a simple review score of the shift. This tool lets you investigate problems or indeed celebrate success.


Giving you all of the information you need to see whether your shifts are successful, our reporting suite will display team review score, deployment of team at peak and whether allocations and briefings have been completed on a shift by shift basis.

The App

Team members have the ability to see their shift allocation and briefings on the S4labour app up to an hour before the start of their shift. This is also where they leave their shift feedback when tapping out.


A well briefed team will not only deliver better guest experience but will feel generally more informed and therefore engaged with the business.

“The decision to install S4labour into our business was not taken lightly. However the impact has been significant and our business is stronger as a result.”

Rupert Clark, CEO, City Pub Group


Deployment & Rotas


DS4deployment is the intelligent way to rota and deploy your teams, optimising sales while save you time and money.



HS4people is the H.R suite that saves your time, organised and compliant with GDPR and Right To Work rules.



PS4payroll is an accurate and time saving payroll and reward service from S4labour. 

The App


Keep teams engaged and organised by driving the whole employee journey through their mobile devices. 

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