Rota, Payroll & Scheduling for Universities

Running single or multi-venue facilities within Universities brings it’s own challenges.

Getting the right staff in the right locations at the right times, scheduling for events, time allocation and payroll auditing being just a few of these!

The Best Labour Tools For Universities



The S4labour system brings together your budget and sales forecasts to help you ensure you have the right members of your team deployed in order to deliver sales targets and control labour costs to within your budget. Move staff between different restaurants, bars or other locations on campus.


Use your past sales to predict your future revenue and deploy your staff more accurately.

Payroll Auditing

Link your rotas directly to our payroll system at the click of a button. Full reporting, holidays and compliance.


Schedule events or meetings in advance to ensure you have enough staff to cover extra demand. 

Time Allocation / App

Use our tap in and out system to record when your staff are on site. They get paid for when they are in, Managers can decide any extra time outside of rota’d hours. Staff can check when they are working or swap shifts with other people on the App (subject to Management permissions). 

An Integrated Solution is a Better Solution.

By integrating with your EPoS and other IT systems, S4labour is able to more accurately and efficiently show you your sales pattern, forecast for the future and better deploy your team.

We understand the numerous systems that contribute to running a successful hospitality business. We can partner with your Epos as well as the leading ATS’s, Big Data, PMS and pension providers.

We also integrate with companies that enable you to offer staff benefits such as instant pay service Hastee pay.

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