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What Happens Next?

Once we have received your details, we will make contact with you as soon as possible to discuss building your bespoke labour management system.

We will give you a call within a few working hours to discuss your needs.

Once all of this is sorted, we will send you some paperwork and arrange your training.

We will walk you through the process to get you live, making it hassle and stress free. You will be live with S4labour in no time.

How long does it take to get set up?

Your business is unique, with a certain jen is sais quoi that makes you great at what you do!

S4labour ensures that you get all the great benefits of using the system, while allowing you to keep the best bits that you already do well. 

This is why S4labour is not an “off the self” product. It is set up to ensure it meets your needs and works in a way that will help you (yes, specifically YOU) get the best results possible from it.

During the set-up process, you will be asked to fill in some documents that help us set up a system for your business. As such, the time it takes to set up depends entirely on you. 

Typically, we can get the system set up in a few days and the whole process from registering to training and going live can be done in 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of your business and how quickly you are looking to go live.