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The Best New
Partnership in Town

What is it?

Bread and Butter, Ant and Dec, Gin and Tonic… partnerships work best when you take two great things, put them together and make something remarkable. That is why S4labour are pleased to announce a partnership with Wagestream!

S4labour have partnered with financial wellbeing experts Wagestream to provide all S4labour users with the opportunity to have flexible pay and reduce your stress about money.

How does it work?

Any existing partner of S4labour can now get a reduced rate to access Wagestream.

We know that life sometimes throws unexpected surprises at you, Wagestream is here to help. To be paid at the end of the month when money is low and bills are due can be stressful, however, due to the Wagestream/S4labour partnership, this stress can be avoided. You can choose when and how often you get paid and get advice on managing your money from a Wagestream financial expert.

How much does it cost?

For employees, absolutely nothing!

S4labour are proud to be a supporter of financial wellbeing and that is why this partnership between S4labour, Wagestream and your business is so powerful.

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